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Global Statistics, Inc. (GSI) is a Veteran-Owned small business that specializes in security techniques using existing  technologies such as Hyperspectral, Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic, seismic, acoustic, resistivity, and  others to meet the needs of its customers.  Our chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) division is known throughout the United States for its outstanding expertise in dealing with today’s issues regarding decontamination, decommissioning and site remediation planning.  Asset tracking of critical assets is another key mission area of GSI.

GSI’s First Responder training for terrorist incidents and other disasters emphasizes proper clothing and respiratory protection for coping with nuclear or hazardous waste streams.  This includes dangerous chemicals, biological agents, and unexploded ordnance, in addition to radioactive material. It is essential that Americans are properly trained to cope with threats such as those caused by detonation of a “Dirty Bomb.”  Skills must be developed to assist in coping with the aftermath of such an attack. GSI’s training course for First Responders will try to alleviate many of the fears of the unknown that so often accompany a disaster of this magnitude. Specific steps that can be taken to combat terrorists and protect key assets, workers, and the general population without introducing fear and hysteria are important parts of GSI’s training program.


With its CBRN security solutions expertise, GSI also performs site remediation and other functions ranging from remediation planning and permitting to actual hazardous waste remediation and removal from a site.  Prices listed herein are subject to change without notice, so please call the contact listed to lock in a quote for your needs today!





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